Asbestos dumpster

Bags of asbestos were discovered in an open dumpster close to a residential area in Elmwood.

Kim Ricker was walking by a dumpster outside of Smashers Demolition when she noticed some yellow bags that said “caution” and “waste asbestos” on them.

“I went and took a video and I put it on Facebook,” she said.

According to Ricker, it wasn’t until about four hours later that the area was sealed off with a tarp. 

“My concern? Is kids getting in there, playing and what do you call it, starting a fire or you know, opening those bags, playing in it.”

Asbestos poses a danger to children and adults because when fibres are inhaled they can lead to future diseases, such as lung cancer and asbestosis. 

David Williams, the co-owner of Smashers Demolition, said bags of asbestos are usually kept in a specially-sealed bin, but it collapsed on Wednesday.

An air and environmental assessment by Prairie Environmental, which was obtained by CTV News, concluded none of the bags had been breached and there was no public danger.

Williams said the bags were placed in a dumpster and covered with a tarp until the replacement bin arrive, which is expected to happen Friday. 

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