Trevor Noah on fake news and Donald Trump (HARDtalk) – BBC News

Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show, has told BBC Hardtalk’s Zeinab Badawi that factual accuracy is the base of his best jokes.

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26 thoughts on “Trevor Noah on fake news and Donald Trump (HARDtalk) – BBC News”

  1. Heaven help us! If we don't remain vigilent and keep our eyes open, we are going to end up in a world like the one this reporter is vomiting through that relentless tirade. A world where everybody is perpetually offended, aggrieved and under the impression that something is owed to them just because. If we keep going down this path, soon enough breathing too loudly will be offensive…

  2. Fake news is news that throws aside the truth in order to push an agenda.
    Like putting a photo of children in cages with a write up " this us Trumps immigration policy " and not retract when people find out the photos are from 2014.

  3. What is this woman talking about. I am black and have the right to speak about myself as I choose. Trevor is funny I have never been offended by any of his jokes. Lady stop your propaganda.

  4. I am fan of u trever despite the fact that i am sudanise and i also find zienb a women that showing africa from diffrent prespective but i think u win this noah keep up with good work

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