Florida prepares for Irma, with thousands under evacuation orders – World

Florida Gov. Rick Scott urged residents under evacuation orders to get out immediately as Hurricane Irma bears down on the […]

Thousands of Indonesians join rally against alleged atrocities in Myanmar – World

Thousands of Indonesians, led by Islamist groups, held a rally near the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta on Wednesday to protest […]

Tens of thousands of Rohingya pour into Bangladesh amid wave of killings and arson – World

Aid officials said relief camps were reaching full capacity as thousands of Rohingya refugees continued to pour into Bangladesh on […]

Catastrophic floods strike Houston, forcing thousands to flee – World

Tropical Storm Harvey sent devastating floods pouring into Houston on Sunday as rising water chased thousands of people to rooftops […]

Thousands in Barcelona march shouting ‘I’m not afraid’ – World

Hundreds of thousands of peace-marchers flooded the heart of Barcelona on Saturday shouting “I’m not afraid” — a public rejection […]

Thousands of Atlantic salmon escape fish farm near Victoria after nets rip – British Columbia

Thousands of Atlantic salmon have escaped into Pacific waters east of Victoria, B.C., after nets ripped at a U.S. fish […]

Canadian news – Protest against far-right rally draws thousands in Vancouver – British Columbia #Canadian #News #CBC

Around 4,000 people showed up at Vancouver City Hall to protest against a far-right rally on Saturday afternoon. Tensions rose briefly as […]