Love and Legacy: The Rob Stewart Story

Love and Legacy: The Rob Stewart Story

A W-5 special exploring the life, legacy and devotion of a late Canadian filmmaker, Rob Stewart. Rebecca Nobrega talks to […]

The Omen 2006 (Movie Trailer)

Youtube Movies – The Omen 2006 (Movie Trailer)

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Youtube Movies – Secretariat Trailer

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Youtube Movies – Toy Story 3: Trailer

Toy Story 3 is available now! Click here to order: Toy Story 3, now available on Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo […]

Ted's Side of the Story

It has been 45 years since Ted Kennedy's car plunged into the waters of Chappaquiddick. A young woman, Mary Jo […]

Quantum physics for babies — a different bedtime story – Kitchener-Waterloo

Chris Ferrie writes books about rocket science for babies. The quantum theorist and alumnus of the Institute for Quantum Computing […]

Canadian news – Trump shares North Korea story based on anonymous intel sources – World #Canadian #News #CBC

President Donald Trump has retweeted a Fox News report based on anonymous U.S. intelligence sources, despite his attorney general’s pledge […]

Canadian news – Dunkirk, cinematic story of wartime evacuation, inspires tourism boom in northern France – World #Canadian #News #CBC

For all of his life until now, Nicolas Idasiak would walk along the beach in his hometown and dream of […]

Breaking News Videos – BREAKING NEWS 8/1/17 TRUMP HAD “NO KNOWLEDGE” OF FOX’S SETH RICH STORY #Breaking #News #Videos

Rachel Maddow Show Donald Trump CNN msnbc SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL Watch All Video On My Website + Facebook Page + twitter: […]