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Critics sound alarms over Ontario government review of endangered species act

TORONTO — Environmentalists and opposition politicians say the Ontario government’s review of endangered species laws could open the door to […]

Explorer discovers new bug species in Port Alberni

Explorer discovers new bug species in Port Alberni

Craig Wagnell thought the five-millimetre arthropod looked unusual, but didn’t realize the insect would soon be named after him. Source […]

Why Canada’s endangered species are declining faster than ever – Technology & Science

Canadian laws designed to protect wildlife species at risk of extinction and rebuild their populations are failing to stop those […]

Canada’s threatened species declining despite federal protection – Technology & Science

From woodland caribou to St. Lawrence beluga whales, Canada’s threatened and endangered species keep declining despite federal legislation designed to […]

Monkey, dolphin among hundreds of new species found in Amazon – Technology & Science

An orange-tailed monkey, a pink dolphin and a stingray with a honeycomb pattern on its back were among 381 animals and […]

Canadian news – Great white sharks in Nova Scotia may hold key to species’ secrets – Nova Scotia #Canadian #News #CBC

A Nova Scotia scientist says great white sharks recently tracked in Nova Scotia waters may offer insight into the mating habits […]

Canadian news – This cannibalistic invasive species could be coming to your dinner table – Nova Scotia #Canadian #News #CBC

European green crabs are lean, mean and sometimes green — and they could soon become dinner. The invasive species is […]

Canadian news – New feathered dinosaur species named after famed Alberta paleontologist – Technology & Science #Canadian #News #CBC

Meet the Albertavenator curriei, a feathered, toothy dinosaur that once roamed a lush coastal plain in what is now Alberta’s Drumheller Valley, a […]