Saskatoon Farmers' Market

The Saskatoon Farmers Market is home to a variety of vendors, but shoppers may be able to expect even more diversity among products in the next year.

“We would be open to business people who are interested in doing that here,” Erika Quiring, Operations Manager of the market said.

She was referring to vendors who want to sell edible cannabis. Although edibles won’t be legalized in October with recreational marijuana, the federal government is shooting to have them on shelves by sometime next year.

“The diversity of product is what makes it appealing for the public to come shop and have a bit of an experience here,” Quiring said.

But she said there’s risks associated with jumping into the legal marijuana scene.

“It’s not necessarily something that is very family oriented where most of our products are produce and that sort of stuff,” Quiring said. “ There is definitely still a market for it, so there are a few pros and cons I suppose.”

At this stage, two vendors have shown interest in selling edibles at The Saskatoon Farmers Market. The future of edible cannabis at the market will be addressed once legislation around edibles has been decided on by Ottawa.

Based on a report by Stephanie Villella.

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