Pokemon Movie 16 [US] – Genesect and the Legend Awakened Trailer [ENGLISH]

Pokemon Movie 16 -Genesect and the Legend Awakened Trailer US English
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47 thoughts on “Pokemon Movie 16 [US] – Genesect and the Legend Awakened Trailer [ENGLISH]”

  1. I saw the movie, it sucks. Ash saw mewtwo again on the movie "mewtwo returns" and now it's like he never saw him before. And mewtwo is voiced by a woman. That sucks :((((

  2. how could they do that to Mewtwos voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would have been cool if the mega evolution was more feminine and the normal voice was male but not feminine all the time IMO

  3. Man I fucking knew I wasn't stupid. I watched the movies 2 times to be sure to. A lot of things that was shown in these trailers was not included in the movie. The movie seem to have been edited around the last minute.

  4. There is obviously more than one Mew in the Pokémon world. I'd say that they somehow came across information regarding Mewtwo (after all, the lab in the first movie was never destroyed again). By reproducing the same gene-splicing experiments on Mew DNA, they could easily create another Mewtwo. Plus, if you go to Bulbapedia (the leading Pokémon wiki), it clearly states that "It has a similar background to the Mewtwo who was in Mewtwo Strikes Back, but it is a distinct, separate individual."

  5. It isn't. It was made perfectly clear in several parts that this is not the same Mewtwo as the original. Not only is it's voice different, but the laboratory was different and the lead scientist was clearly not Dr Fuji. Also, the original Mewtwo did not have painful experiments performed on it by the scientists. Also, if it had been the original, it would have trusted Ash immediately. However, neither seemed to recognise the other. The only similarity is the fate of the scientists.

  6. That depends. First we'd have to think about why Mewtwo would be in Kalos in the first place. It's still protecting the clones and Clarity Lake at Mt Quena in the Johto region. I doubt it would leave. If Mewtwo X shows up, it won't be the first Mewtwo.

  7. I'm very disappointed in this movie, this series has really gone downhill..I get that its a different mewtwo but I had my hopes set on the first one!!

  8. Im pretty sure there are two mewtwos now, you can easily see that by looking at each mewtwo's memory of it's creation, they are in two different labs, the way they got out to the world is completly different, AND the first mewtwo is made by team rocket, and this one Im pretty sure I saw the team plasma symbol in that lab at one point. so I will say it is safe to say there are two mewtwos now.
    So they better make something where both mewtwos are in after my opinion.

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