France has inaugurated its new president, Emmanuel Macron, a 39-year-old independent centrist who was elected on May 7.

The president of the constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, proclaimed the official result of the vote in a ceremony Sunday at the Elysée presidential palace in Paris.

Macron formally took power after his predecessor, Socialist Francois Hollande, met with him for one hour and left.

In his inauguration speech, Macron said he will do everything that is necessary to fight terrorism and authoritarianism and to resolve the world’s migration crisis.

“We will take all our responsibilities to provide, every time it’s needed, a relevant response to big contemporary crises,” the new president said. 

He also listed “the excesses of capitalism in the world” and climate change among his future challenges.

Macron said all countries in the world are “interdependent … we are all neighbours.”

He announced his determination to push ahead with reforms to free up France’s economy and pledged to press for a “more efficient, more democratic” European Union.

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