University of Lethbridge- Malawi trip

A group of University of Lethbridge nursing students have returned from Malawi where they distributed supplies and information to local children and pregnant woman at risk of diseases prevalent in the African nation.

The 15 students and two professors visited 11 schools and five local communities during their trip funded through their successful effort to raise $22,000.

The student nurses provided school children and pregnant mothers with mosquito nets to reduce the risk of contracting malaria and educated the locals of the dangers of malaria and HIV.

Nursing student Brittany Rop says the University of Lethbridge students also received a valuable lesson during their time abroad.

“It opens your eyes to see how spoiled we are here in Canada,” said Rop of the trip. “It makes me so thankful for the clean water I drink every day and the food I have, the shelter, the clothes I wear on my back and all the opportunities like educational and employment opportunities I have here in Canada.”

Rop plans to continue raising awareness for the dangers facing the Malawian people and hopes Canadians donate their time or mosquito nets to help protect those at risk.

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