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May 13, 2017
Here’s The Harry Styles Track You’ll Love The Most, Based On Your Fave 1D Song
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Well, folks, it’s here. Harry Styles’s debut solo album arrived today (May 12), giving us 10 richly produced, classic rock–indebted tracks. For One Direction fans, it’s a chance to see someone they’ve grown up with grow into himself. It’s also a chance to look back at 1D and see how far Styles has come.

So we’ve assembled a guide to which Harry Styles tracks will be your new favorites, based on the One Direction songs you already love. Think of it as your 1D-inspired guide to Solo Styles. And for brand-new Styles fans, take this as your chance to discover some One Direction classics you may have missed. Happy listening!

If you like “What a Feeling,” you’ll love “Meet Me in the Hallway