He loves people, playing with other dogs, toys and treats.

Grover, the 10-week-old puppy left for dead in the cold, is “back to 100 per cent where he should be minus a few pounds,” says Melissa Dumont with Sit With Me Rescue.

Dumont is fostering Grover as he recovers from being left in a box outside near a dumpster at Place d’Orléans.  He was found freezing, emaciated, dehydrated and battling a very serious infection.

Dumont says after four days in hospital receiving 24/7 care, Grover is home with her where he is now drinking and eating on his own after being hand fed.

She says despite all he’s been through, Grover’s personality is starting to shine through.

“He does love, love, love people and he also likes to interact with other dogs but he also likes to get into mischief which typical 10-week-old puppies do…so chewing on furniture and shoes and all that fun stuff,” Dumont says. “He’s definitely going to be I think a little sweet troublemaker.”

She says the outpouring of support from those in the community has been overwhelming.

“It’s just been amazing to see the community come together and support this little guy and just wish him well and give him all the positive thoughts that he needed.”

Thanks to donations, some from as far away as Ireland, all of Grover’s expenses have been covered. What’s left will go toward helping the other dogs Sit With Me Rescue cares for.

Anyone with information about who may have left Grover is asked to call Ottawa Police or the O-S-P-C-A.

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