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BREAKING NEWS! TRUMP Just Did It – Prepare for the RIOTS!!!
President Donald Trump is about to strike a colossal nerve in the body of the welfare system. He’s close to cutting the vein that feeds the body of the welfare abuse community. Specifically speaking, this is going to make a lot of lazy people extremely angry. There might be a handful of legitimately needy people affected, and I’m sure they’ll be taken care of another way, but for right now – this is best for the real welfare and well being of the country.

Trump’s team is working on a bill that will eliminate any chance of immigrants getting welfare for the first five years they live in America. This is a wonderful bill that will prevent people from coming to America merely to take advantage of all the handouts and rob the American taxpayers and government. There are just too many people living on the system, but more importantly, there are also many non-disabled people taking the handouts and refusing to work. It’s acceptable for people who need help to use the system to allow them to live a comfortable life. However, when there’s people who can easily get a job, and purposely choose not to (and abuse the system), then those people should get the ax.

When it comes to immigrants flooding the gates of America and rushing in to grab free welfare perks like it’s a Black Friday sale at Walmart, then that needs to end immediately. People who move to America should have a plan. If you run to another country with no clue what you plan to do, then that’s not exactly a great move. If you move to another country because you know they’ll give you free money, then that’s not a good move for the country. The way it should work is that people do something for their country if they want their country to do something for them. Moving to America to rip it off like a bank teller stealing a few bucks under the desk does absolutely nothing for America except cost us money.

America loves immigrants, but the country shouldn’t be responsible for paying for their entire life. There’s already enough lazy bums in America, and it’s time for the American taxpayers to stop paying for them as well. The middle class deserves a break for once!

If immigrants know they cannot attain free welfare handouts for at least five years, then those who are motivated only by freebies will most likely stay in their own country. The people who do that were planning to move here and steal from the taxpayers to pay for their personal life. No thanks. They should pay for themselves in their own country or better yet, ask their own country to pay for them. Stop showing up in America and not doing anything for us.
Anyone moving to America who will need assistance will not be able to get it for five years. If someone runs to America and doesn’t need support, because they set out a plan for their success, then that person is the kind of immigrant that America needs. America needs to increase its standards for immigrants, and it’s own civilians. There are just way too many people sitting home taking advantage of the system when they could be out making America great and doing something productive.


But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. – 2 Chronicles 15:7

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