Breaking News Today⚠️Iran sparks World War 3 fears with HUGE show of military force warning to USA

Breaking News Today⚠️Iran sparks World War 3 fears with HUGE show of military force warning to USA
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6 thoughts on “Breaking News Today⚠️Iran sparks World War 3 fears with HUGE show of military force warning to USA”

  1. This is supposed to be breaking news? It happened by in April. God can snub these people out like a cigarette butt. We are not afraid of these terrorist and not impressed with this little military or their toys.

  2. IRAN can fuck usa and isreal and saudies anytime if they want and usa cannt do fuckall to iran? USA can bark like a dog but cannt do anything to iran ? IRAN got latest russian weapons and over 12 million khuds forces ready to fight beside the mighty hezbollaha and the millions and millions of the shia militais from lebbnon, iraq,syria,india,afganistan,pakistan and iran so its not that easy for usa and isreal to attack iran ?

  3. What ever! Nice movies! I can't wait to see how it ends! I like the cast though they all work really good together especially the guy with a beard! This supposed to be bad guy! I wonder who's going to get the Oscar I guess we will know after few million dies!

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