The Dow Jones had a down day on Friday, and America can blame ABC News for it.

On Friday, the Dow Jones session ended nearly 40 points lower for the day, but it had gotten off to a good start. it was up at the start of the session, and then word hit of a story by Brian Ross of ABC News, which said then-candidate Donald Trump had personally directed Michael Flynn to contact the Russian government.

That report directly contradicted Trump’s previous statements, and made it appear as if the President had, in fact, colluded with Russia prior to the election.

After the ABC story posted near the noon hour, the Dow Jones took a nosedive of 350 points, as investors worried about what the bombshell meant for the Trump presidency.

Within an hour of the story being reported, several other media sources contradicted the story. In short order, ABC News clarified the original story, stating that candidate Trump had not directed Flynn to contact Russian officials, but rather, it was President-elect Trump who told Flynn to reach out to Russia. That is exactly what President Trump said he had done, and it is something any President-elect is expected to do. By claiming the actions took place before the election, however, ABC News made a scandal out of a “nothingburger.”


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